This page is designed so that friends and Family can
see where Don Brockway and Rodney Moore are at
while in Namibia.    I will be adding a time clock ,
weather and currency modules so that friends back
home can see what time it is where we are at since
there is a major time difference.   The weather and
currency modules will just be handy for Don and I to
easily reference instead of searching for it online.
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The time in Namibia is 7 hours ahead
of USA Eastern time.
Weather for Windhoek. Mostly we will be Northwest of
windhoek and temperatures will be much hotter than posted
for Windhoek below
The primary currency that  will be used is South African Rand
(ZAR) which is usually approx 8 Rand per US Dollar but varies
+/- throughout the day. The only thing that matters is the
currency exchange rate at the time we purchase rand and at the
time we exchange any unused currency back to US$ at the end
of the trip.  I usually just keep any extra Rand for my next trip!