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Georgia Rock Shop - SEPTEMBER 2019 update
The Mineral Gallery
Updated SEPT 18, 2019
7:30 PM Eastern
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Click here for info on the Georgia Rock shop : The Mineral Gallery in Mcdonough, Georgia. Just South of Atlanta
This is the SEPTEMBER 2019 Update Page showing new arrivals.  
Be sure to check out our other pages showing the types of crystals,
minerals and gemstones that we have for sale using the navigation
bar below.
While we've had Moldavite before,  it was usually just a few small pieces. This year we
have much more Moldavite specimens - including  a couple that are large and really nice!
Click any photo to enlarge. Some will
expand 2X.
This year we have some really nice BLUE CALCITE in
different sizes. I've recently put out some new pieces.
We picjked up some unusual PINK OPAL and YELLOW OPAL as part of a large mineral estate collection.  This
is unusual material that isn't usually available commercially.  This opal dates to the mid-1960's.
We also have some nice CITRINE CRYSTALS for sale at a great price!
Back in 2012 Rogerly Daylight Fluorescent Fluorite Crystals could be bought wholesale.   These crystals are GREEN under indoor artificial
light and the fluoresce BLUE in sunlight.  This is the strangest thing to see in person.  The crystals react to the UV waves in sunlight to
fluoresce or glow in broad daylight!  The blue color is especially odd because if is glowing the color (as opposed to reflecting or
transmitting that color).   It stands to reason that if it fluoresces strongly in sunlight that it would be react extra-strong to a black light.  
These fluoresce vividly under a blacklight in addition to fluorescing in daylight.   The Rogerly Mine in Weardale, England , closed down a
few years ago and specimens are not seen for sale too often these days.   These have been in storage from where I had bought them
years ago.  These are called "daylight fluorescent" or "Color Change" fluorite since they change colors depending on lighting.
We specialize in Jackson's Crossroads Amethyst Crystals (sometimes abbreviated to JXR) from Wilkes County, Georgia.
Years ago I bought the property when it was timber / pulpwood land. I started mining the property and I was the first one to ever operate heavy
equipment at the site. After a period of time I sold the property to do other projects.   The Mineral Gallery acts as a Mine Direct source of Jackson's
Crossroads Amethyst Crystals, specimens, facet rough and cut stones.
We have inexpensive $15 specimens and really nice specimens in the $30 to $200 range in stock on any given day.  If you're looking for a more
expensive specimen please message me via the contact page.  
The photos show just a few of the many specimens that were on the shelf when these photos were taken on July 9, 2019.   I do make sure that there is
always a good selection to choose from.
Jacksons crossroads amethyst crystals for sale
Georgia amethyst crystals
facet grade JXR amethyst crystals from jacksons crossroads
JXR Georgia Amethyst Crystals for sale
jxr amethyst at the Mineral Gallery in McDonough Georgia
Jacksons Crossroads Amethyst Crystals for sale here
faceted Georgia amethyst
In addition to our Rock Shop in
McDonough, Georgia we also set up at
the Grassy Creek Gem Show in
Spruce Pine, North Carolina.   
You can click that banner for more info.
New this month is Lettered Rutile from Hiddenite, North Carolina. Also, Blue
Dumortierite in quartz crystals.  Last month we added
Yellow Opal, Orpiment and more.
I've also re-stocked with new big pieces of
Blue Calcite, new Moldavites and some
new Jackson's Crossroads
Amethyst Crystals.
We have one new specimen of
crystalline ORPIMENT with small
amounts of REALGAR on it.
This update is just a short overview of the new items.  Please see the
other "SHOP" pages for a lot more photos than what is on this short
update page.
We've added lots of super nice blue DUMORTIERITE IN QUARTZ
CRYSTALS.   These are $10 to $30.
We even have a bin with rough samples for $8 and $12!
Below is a picture of the latest "Lettered Rutile" . This is reticulated
rutile crystals with alphabet shapes. Also, Graves Mountain rutile,
large, for $60. New Garnet crystals are in stock as well!