Here's some pictures from my
recent trip to Woodward Ranch in
Alpine , Texas .
Click on any picture to enlarge .
This is one of Trey's slices he had for sale in his shop .
Plume agate from Woodward ranch in Alpine , Texas
One of my slices from a biscuit I got at Woodward Ranch
another slice of plume agate from Woodward Ranch
Ranch to collect agate , you should
contact the collecting guide , Teri
Smith ,  just
Hawk eating rabbit at Ritchie Ranch , photo Teri Smith
close-up image of the hawk with rabbit at Ritchie Ranch , photo T. Smith
agate from gravel pit , Ritchie Ranch , Alpine , Texas
agate from Ritchie Ranch in Alpine , Texas
any peice with a number on it is probably for sale
Texas agate
Ritchie Ranch Agate
Agate from
Alpine ,Texas
Woodward Ranch ----->>
<<----Ritchie Ranch  
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On my same trip to Alpine , Texas, to
hunt agate , I visited the Ritchie
Below  are some pictures of mossy
and orbicular Agate from the
Ritchie ranch in Alpine , Texas.
The Woodward ranch in Alpine,
Texas, is famous for its plume agate !
Texas Plume agate from Woodward Ranch
Longhorn at Woodward Ranch
Longhorn at the Woodward Ranch
woodward ranch
<----- Biscuits
The agate nodules at Woodward  Ranch
are called "biscuits" because of their
shape .
woodward ranch biscuit
this is the same peice , just backlit
Read about this agate in the May 2009 issue of Rock & Gem !  ( Article I authored )
Ritchie Ranch Agate !
Back side
Back lit specimen showing transparency
Ritchie Ranch typical appearance
Click me to enlarge !
ritchie ranch agate  from Alpine , Texas , found by Rodney Moore
highly enlarged image showing micro patterning and agate inclusions
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Plume agate Cabochon
Gold Moss Cabochon cut from Ritchie Ranch Agate
strange orbicular or spotted agate cabochon ( Ritchie Ranch )
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minerals on your property ?   
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