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Updated March 02, 2019
12:30 PM Eastern
Kino Sports Complex Gem Show
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Click here for info on the Georgia Rock shop : The Mineral Gallery in Mcdonough, Georgia. Just South of Atlanta
I'm back from my 15th annual trip to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Shows. Here I'll share lots of
photos of the things that I saw and did at this year's show. There's lots of crystal and mineral
photos from the venues that I visited.
As usual, I did some digging in Texas and Arizona and I'll share photos from those adventures.
I've made a page for my adventure digging wulfenite crystals at the Finch Mine in Hayden,
Arizona and I'll add other digging pages soon.
Usually when I first roll into town it is in the late afternoon and I just have a few hours for a quick
look.  I usually head straight for the old "Electric Park" show which was renamed a few years ago
to "Kino Sports Complex Gem & Mineral Show".
One of the places that I like is "Village Originals" (shown above and to the right).  They are
usually chaotic but this year it was just too much. After standing in line for 45 minutes with the
line going nowhere I just sat my purchases down to go somewhere where I could actually
purchase something. This page will start out slow and get much better once I change venues.
Kino is a huge place and they have even
expanding again!  It is probably 20 football fields of
rocks and crystals and all sorts of things.
Kino is known for having the large decorator pieces.
Large is an understatement. If you have a fancy
restaurant, a museum, or a big fancy house and
want a nice stone work then this is the place to
come for that.
Feeling unnerved and perturbed about not being able to get my usual supplies, I decided to
quit playing around and head over to the 22cnd Street Market.  It is right along I-10 across
from "The Strip".  It is one of my favorite places and there is a lot to see.  I spent an hour on
the first day and 4 hours on the second day at 22nd street and only went through just ONE of
the massive tents.
You'll find PAGE TWO to be much more interesting:  
There was a "new Find" of pink amethyst that actually did seem to be pink.
To me it wasn't all that impressive and I didn't even briefly consider getting
any for my shop. This was from  "El Choique" mine in Patagonia.
Another thing that Kino is known for is
the big bins of rough rock. If you want
a pound of tiger eye, or a 3 thousand
pound bin on a pallet, then this is the
place to come to.  Shown here are big
bins of chrysocolla. The more you buy
the cheaper it is.
There are a couple of places that sells
mineral flats.  Since shipping is so
expensive on the flats it makes really
good sense to buy some if you drive out
"Mikon" , associated with Michael
Shannon, has flats and the fold-up
boxes.  This place has a wider
assortment of box sizes than Denver
Box or other places that sells flats.
The orginal "
Mineral Tack" (now called
"Geo-tac" because of a bitter trademark
dispute in the Shannon family) was for
sale at the Mikon booth.
Mikon also had Estwing tools for sale.
There are huge tents here at this
Kino venue with nothing but tools
and lapidary equipment. It's really
impressive but I didn't go into any of
them on this trip.
I bought some GREEN KYANITE.
Kyanite is usually blue so that
was different. It was dirty so I
have no idea if what I bought is
any good or not.
One tent was filled with nothing but
Vera Cruz amethyst. There was very
large plates of crystals, and small
clusters too. Their pricing was very
high though!