Click the "SHOP - 2020" button above to see the latest update showing the new crystals that we've added.  This page
shows the material we added in 2019 - most of which we still have in stock in 2020. New rocks and crystals - including
some awesome star rose quartz. We're back from the Tucson show with all kinds of great crystals, minerals, spheres
and eggs! We have malachite, chrysocolla, and even a combination of both in spheres and eggs and free-form
carvings of all sizes.  We re-stocked on some great moldavite and Larimar, and picked up some Shungite for the first
time. Another first is Galena crystals coated with sparkling cerussite druse with bladed barite.  Some specimens have
larger cerussite crystals in addition to the druse.   Immediately Below is a photo of just some of the moldavite that I have
for sale.
Bottom of page shows new items:  Star rose quartz eggs with sharp stars are only $24. These have a star
similar to the star in star sapphire.  We also have added Torbernite and Meta-Autunite from Spruce Pine!
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Georgia Rock Shop - The Mineral Gallery
Updated April 25, 2020  @ 12:15 P.M. Eastern
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Click here for info on the Georgia Rock shop : The Mineral Gallery in Mcdonough, Georgia. Just South of Atlanta
Everything shown here on the pages are things that I have for sale, either
stocked on the shelves or waiting for an empty space for me to set it in. I have
almost everything out on the shelves.  I didn't have room to set out all of the
cactus quartz but I do have a good bit out and will immediately replace any
that sell.   Aside from the spirit quartz and the cerussite and pyrite, I have
everything out ready to become yours!
Rock shop : Rocks, Crystals, Gem and Minerals
for sale in the Mineral Gallery @  the Peachtree
Antique Center,
155 Mill Road  Mcdonough, Ga   This is under the
big flag, I-75 exit 221  Adjacent to Peachtree
Peddler Flea Market
Hours of Operation for 2019:

Open Mon 11am-6pm Tue 11am-6pm

Closed Wednesday

Open Thur & Friday 11am-6pm

Saturday open 9am-6pm
Sunday open 10am-6pm  

Map to the Peachtree Antique Center at right
We have a lots of malachite,
chrysocolla, and the combination
called "malacolla" in both eggs,
spheres and free-form carvings.
The size and prices are from small and
affordable to large and expensive.
I was able to get quite a few
great LARIMAR pendant stones.
They are pre-drilled so that you
can thread a chain or wire or
string through them. Some of
these have green color in
addition to the usual blue color.
The Larimar is from the
Dominican Republic.
The photo below shows LARIMAR on a
scale. I bought everything shown on
the scale but all of them are not on the
shelves yet.
The malachite is from The Congo and
the chrysocolla is from Peru.
I also got some really nice pyrite crystals from Peru.  These are
the atypically shaped "Octahedrons" and have triangular faces
and pyramidal shapes instead of the much more prevalent
cubes normally seen.
This year there was some exceptional material from Morocco.  There
was some really nice specimens that had complex galena crystals with a
coating of druze cerussite that sparkles like crazy. These also had
bladed barites that ranged from white to cream to orange and some
were a nice PEACH color!  The photos doesn't show the sparkle of the
druse.   Some had larger cerussite crystals.  I also got some single
cerussite crystals also. I bought a couple of flats of the cerussite.
There was also some superb hematite
crystals in botryoidal form.  I bought a
dozen nice examples of these.
I also got some spectacular native wire silver from
Morocco. I may not have these on display at the
store so contact me if you're interested in getting a
nice specimen.
Madagascar was well represented at the
show and I brought back labradorite in
hearts (some huge!), and smokey quartz
palm stones and apatite palm stones.
I brought back a couple of nice celestite
crystal clusters.
I also brought back a good bit of blue calcite from Durango, Mexico. Some
pieces were fairly large as shown below. I only brought back one really large
one and I expect it to sell quickly.
I brought back a few fluorite spheres as well as obelisks.
This was a good year for amethyst spirit cactus quartz and I
brought back about 50 crystal specimens. Note the "Peacock
Ore" or chalcopyrite from Mexico which is also new this year.
I hope that you've enjoyed looking at all of the photos of the new
mineral specimens, crystals and spheres.
I add new stock to The Mineral Gallery every week so be sure to
come check us out in McDonough!
All photos expand and enlarge at least
once. Some can be clicked again to
super size to fill the entire screen.
If an image can be enlarged further
you'll see a "+" sign after being
enlarged once.
We have re-stocked the large pieces of fluorite
crystals since this photo (above) was taken. The bin is
full as of January, 2020.  Since these are priced very
low they do sell fast!
New items: Torbernite and Meta-autunite from Spruce Pine, North
Carolina. Immediate lower right shows enlarged view of torbernite crystal.
We have new Blue Calcite - see the
new JULY 2019 UPDATE page for the
most current info about what is new
and in stock.
We are closed due to the dreaded

we hope to re-open May 1st.
We are closed due to the dreaded coronavirus.

we hope to re-open May 1st.