We have some awesome CELESTITE CRYSTAL
CLUSTERS for only $20 each! And big clusters also.
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The Mineral Gallery - Georgia Rock Shop
155 Mill Road  McDonough, GA 30253
exit 221 under the Big Flag on I-75
Open 10am-6pm. every day but Wednesday
We are closed on Wednesdays.
Updated March 17, 2020  @ 12:30 AM Eastern
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Click here for info on the Georgia Rock shop : The Mineral Gallery in Mcdonough, Georgia. Just South of Atlanta
You're on the SHOP 2020 page. We are back from Tucson with a ton of new minerals and crystals and
on this page we're featuring just the new arrivals. We have thousands of crystals and minerals to
choose from so see the other pages to see the wide variety of gems and minerals that we have in stock.
We've added new items on the bottom of this page and have started a newer page. Check it out by
clicking on the "MARCH-2020" button above.
We brought back many nice Cobaltian Calcite
specimens and some even have fibrous malachite
on them.
Another super nice item that we brought back
is BETA QUARTZ CRYSTALS from Indonesia!
These are only $4 each.
We have lots of nice small amethyst
clusters from Brazil as well.
Assorted gemstones only $5 each:
this does include polychrome jasper
We have almost any kind of palm stones that you can
name.  New this year is amazonite palm stones and
rhodonite palm stones.
We've added some extra-nice large
blades of blue kyanite.
We've restocked the OPAL Shelf and the Moldavite Shelf: This year we added some big pieces!
New for 2020!
Fluorite Crystal Wands!
We have added many nice specimens
of Fibrous Malachite Crystals from The
We've added lots of GREEN CALCITE
in both big and small sizes:
We have nice Prehnite balls with
epidote crystals.  All sizes!
Desert Sage
Smudge Sticks:
We've added some super nice star sapphire crystals that are polished on
one end to show the star. We have red sapphire (ruby), blue sapphire, black
sapphire , bronze sapphire and purple sapphire - all with stars!
Use your cellphone light to show the star better.  
We've re-stocked on fluorite spheres
and STAR rose quartz eggs.  Some of
the eggs have fantastic stars! Use
your cellphone light and move the egg
around until the star is focused.
We also have BLACK TOURMALINE. These are black schorl
tourmaline crystals and are all-natural. The big ones are very
big and are only $8 each.  The small ones are $5 and
generally are better looking crystals. This is a GREAT price
on this material!
We have lots of POLYCHROME
JASPER in different sizes and shapes!
We have one FULGERITE left.
Hurry before it's gone!
We have a limited amount of large
CITRINE CRYSTALS - only $10 each.
We have lots of smoky quartz crystals
for you to select from!
All of the above pictures were taken on February 24th, 2020 and some additions added March 6th.    I still haven't added
everything that I've brought back.
Please keep in mind that this page only shows the NEW ITEMS that we've added in February and March.  We
have thousands of different crystals and gems so be sure to check out the other shop pages to see what all we have.
I also have restocked all of the tumbled stones and have added a couple of new kinds (not pictured).  
We have seven display cases and thousands of items to choose from - every available inch is covered in bins of crystals
and stones.

I think that I have a bigger variety and certainly the best prices of anywhere in this or the adjacent states.  I add new items
at least once a week. We buy collections and estates and always are adding things from our vast inventory.  I also dig for
crystals using machinery so I'm always adding new things from Georgia and adjacent states.

We are open every day but Wednesday and you can count on us being open as advertised!
The Mineral Gallery  155 mill road   Mcdonough, Georgia 30253
The number listed is my personal cell phone and not the shop desk.  This frees them up to attend to customers and I can
usually answer
questions better than most of the employees.
One question I often get is "Are you open?".    We are open every day but Wednesday and if it isn't Wednesday and if it
isn't Christmas day or some other MAJOR Holiday such as New Year's or July 4th then you can count on us being open
from 10am to 6pm.   This is rain or shine without exception and has been the case for the last 8 years.
We have just added some nice amethyst jewelry points for wire
wrapping, use in pendents, or just to have and to hold.  These
are top grade and some are facet grade (meaning enough clarity
to cut a stone out of).  These are $12 each, and cheaper if
bought in quantity.   I also have a tray priced at $6 each but
these either have some chipping or are smaller but have
excellent color.
We do have Geodes and I've just restocked with new ones!
We have the pre-cracked ones and some whole ones too!
They're cheaper by the dozen and are a great gift idea.
These are classic "Coconut Geodes" with a sparkly druse of
quartz crystals. These are also sometimes called "Trancas".
New! Big Green Calcite! Rhombs &
partial crystals. Green, Yellow  &
natural combinations of colors. Really
big chunks for only $15.
Arkansas Quartz Crystals : Jewelry
points. Get a dozen nice ones for $30.
Limited supplies of these.
Click on any photo to enlarge.
You may have to allow pop-ups for the
new window to open.
The photos are super-sized!
We will be closed from March 17
-march 23rd due to the dreaded

we will re-open the 24th
We will be closed from March 17 -march 23rd
due to the dreaded coronavirus.

we will re-open the 24th

We will be closed from March 17 -march 23rd due to the dreaded coronavirus.

we will re-open the 24th